Information regarding Mercht and COVID-19

Thanks for your patience. We are working hard to get all of your campaigns out. We are currently working within a 4 week timeframe between the end of the campaign and the delivery of your product.

Since March we have had a 560% increase in campaigns, and over 13,000 garments sold, and this is still showing no signs of slowing down. This has all happened with 20% less staff across all stages of production due to social distancing and self isolation measures. On top of that we have had to deal with the suspension of many of our garment suppliers and the unpredictable nature of all the postal services. We have done everything possible to try to keep up with demand but at times our service has been overwhelmed.

As a result of these issues we have implemented and trained new staff members, and now we are in a place where we are seeing improvements and orders are being produced and fulfilled at a much faster rate. We have recently started the integration of a new system allowing for communication at every stage of each campaign, which will keep you updated where we are at with your order. This is something we see as extremely important, 100% communication across the board.

We want to thank you for choosing Mercht. We are a small independent team of creatives here to give other creatives a platform to make their own work into products for their fans. Compared to last year, we have upped production on Mercht over 500%, which means more artists are getting paid and more customers are getting great tees. And now we have all the correct measures in place, we are confident that we will be able to deal with this high demand in a way that will benefit everybody.

The team at Mercht