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#VANLIFE - Help Us Get a New Home

by Doozer McDooze

#VANLIFE - Help Us Get a New Home

by Doozer McDooze

This campaign ended on 01/03/2017
We have been living in our van for almost 4 years. As some of you know now, our van is coming to the end of its life as our home. We've found the perfect second hand van for us. This T-Shirt campaign is to help us generate money to buy that and convert it to keep us on the road. We also have a GoFundMe page, click here to check that out:


This isn't just for a van, it's for our new home, if you can help by ordering a shirt, or some music or art off of me and Birdy that would be amazing.

We love what we do and for the past year our van hasn't been a livable space, it's currently just a bed on wheels, with all our stock (Tshirts, CDs, Prints, Mugs) under the bed. There's no living space or working space.

When we first got the van it was perfect for us because we had nothing. Over the last two years we have become more successful at what we do and therefore need a bigger space if we want to bring merchandise to the gigs and festivals, be able to sleep somewhere comfortable, plus continue to work in the most productive manner that we can.

We need a workable, liveable space. We are looking at a Luton Van (box van) and have a our friend El who we will help to convert it into a space where we can live and work and do what we need to. (Fixing and converting vehicles is what EL does for a living and he's really good at it).

We love the life we have been living, and dont want to stop anytime soon.

With your help we can continue with this crazy, amazing journey that we're on.

The Famous Artist Birdy Rose


Doozer McDooze

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