Fantastic Food Fiends

by Sam Wilson

Fantastic Food Fiends

by Sam Wilson

This campaign ended on 19/05/2020
A whole alphabets worth of food based characters have been assembled to create this crazy creature creation.

For the past 26 days I have been drawing a Food Character to match with all 26 letters of the alphabet.

Then at the end of the 26 days I assembled all of the characters together to create a one off print.

So here we have it!

Food Fiend Alphabet.

A) Athletic Alpha Apple.

B) Burly Burger Bot

C) Corporate Coffee Cup

D) Deadly Demonic Durian

E) Eccentric Energetic Egg

F) Feisty Flaming Fries

G) Groovy Gooseberry Gal

H) Hazelnut Headed Hero

I) Interestingly Intellectual Ice-Cream

J) Juvenile Jerk Jalapeno

K) Kind Kiwi King

L) Lethal Leaping Leek

M) Magnificent Meat Man

N) Naked Nugget Necromancer

O) Old Outdoorsy Olive

P) Preserved Pickle Person

Q) Queasy Quadruped Queso

R) Radical Revolutionary Ravioli

S) Super Spicy Samosa

T) Tiny Toxic Tea

U) Underwater Upset Urchin

V) Volatile Vulgar Vodka

W) Weary Watermelon Walker

X) Xerophytic Xoconostle X-Ray

Y) youthful Yawning Yuzu

Z) Zany Zombie Zucchini

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